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No Holds Barred - Community group

I volunteer for a collaborative, creative community group called No Holds Barred. They organise many activities around Brighton for marginalized groups and people with disabilities. One of my main roles within the group is managing their website and other media work, updating social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, promoting various events.

No Holds Barred run an aerial silk workshop, this is a form of exercise, aerial yoga. This is a great chance to get out of my wheelchair and freely move around with the support of the silk surrounding your body. The silk also enables me to get in many different positions and use muscles that I don't normally use in everyday life.

After the one hour session we move onto ground based yoga, I feel that being in the silks beforehand relaxes me, ready for the yoga sessions. I don't normally do yoga but ever since I started with No Holds Barred I really do feel a big difference afterwards.

All of the aerial silk and yoga sessions are funded by the Brighton Local People's Program. I also did a half marathon leg cycle, to raise money for the amazing group. The sponsored event was held in the Pavillion Gardens, Brighton. I was able to collect near to £800 towards the aerial circus sessions. On the day we collected £90 front passers by. I was absolutely amazed at how much we were able to collect altogether; it definitely made a difference to people's movement and mobility.

Another amazing project that No Holds Barred, or short NHB run is the Food Project. This is where the members of NHB prepare food for those who are lees fortunate or can go and eat and pay a small donation to help run this project.

It is incredible to do the media work for No Holds Barred. It is a great feeling to be involved in a group that does so much for the community of Brighton & Hove. I love the work that I carry out for them, whether it is in the weekly office space or at home in my spare time, it's a fantastic feeling to think that I'm apart of a group that is making a huge difference.

You can donate to No Holds Barred at the following link:

No Holds Barred are currently fund-raising for the following items:

- Support staff

- Equipment

- Teaching Costs

- Room Hire

- Volunteer Travel and Subsistence Expenses Access Fund

– providing additional financial support for those who need it to access activities, socials, workshops, training and trip

It is very simple to donate, just click on the donate button below and you're on your way to make a huge difference. Thank you!

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