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First web design job

SD Decorating website Blog entry 3 Advertising on my 'Disability Community Hub' – Facebook Group, which is an online community I setup back in June of 2017, a space where people can share resources and news about anything regarding disability. I advertised my services on there as a freelance website designer. Almost straight away I got a response, this was by a small, local painting & decorating firm asking me to design a small basic website. This was my first paid professional job. I was a bit nervous as I never built a website as a professional for a client that I never met before. I had built website for family and friends in the past, this is a great way to gain practice before launching myself into the big wide world of the web.

He requested a simple basic site, which I came up with a design and he was more then pleased with. The build of the website itself took a week, which I am very happy with, my client was very happy with this too. The web address, if you'd like to check it out is: www.sd-decorating.co.uk offering their painting and decorating services.

I was also able to list this website on Google, this wasn't a requirement by the client but obviously it is good for any business to have their site high up on the Google listings. It took some learning from my part on techniques to use to gain a higher rank on Google but with the help of Youtube (always a great tool to learn new tricks of the trade) SD Decorating is now up on there.

It is always very difficult to find freelance website design work, as I am finding out now. However, with patients and persistence, hard work and grafting away on social media, work will come. I am always looking for new work all the time. Having a strong portfolio helps…………; I think and your own website, check and check. Work will hopefully start to flow.

Anyway. That's all I have to write about this time. I just have to say thanks to my first client, SD-Decorating and thank you for reading.